Timing And Relevance – Email Marketing

When you look closely, you are going to find research..

Timing And Relevance – Email Marketing

When you look closely, you are going to find research on just about any topic. For example, did you know that there are certain times when sending out email marketing may not be a good idea? There can also be times when sending out these marketing emails will make perfect sense.

Monday through Friday – These are days that are not all that useful for email marketing as other days in the week. Monday is usually a time when it comes to getting back into the swing of things, while Friday is the time to unwind and get into weekend mode. Email will sometimes get lost in the shuffle on these days. Most email marketing is able to be sent out on command, which makes it something to consider when you are putting together a marketing campaign using emails.

Saturday and Sunday – Weekends are usually throwaway days when it comes to email marketing, just as it would be if you are looking at Monday and Friday. If someone happens to be in the office on a weekend, the very last thing that they will want to look at is marketing emails. If emails come in over the weekend, the chances are good that the marketing campaign that you put out will be purged without anyone giving it real consideration.

It should always be noted that you could find some receptivity to your email marketing campaigns that are sent to individual consumers later on int he workweek or earlier in the weekend. The difference here is basically business to business versus business to consumer marketing.

Tuesday through Thursday – These three days are when all of the email marketing will have the best impact. Employees as well as business owners are entrenched in their workweek and their minds may be in a better place for making business decisions or consumer purchases.

Additionally, if you are able to send out your emails at either 9am or 1pm, you could get much better responses than if you were to wait until lunchtime or the end of any work day.

If you are able to approach consumers and business contacts on trench portions of the workweek whenever minds are not focused on lunch or closing time, you could have a better chance of boosting site visits and potential sales. You could even see that there will be less in terms of opt-out requests if you are working within this simple timeframe for all of your email marketing.

Nobody likes to have junk mail and they never like emails that resemble spam in any way. Be sure that you always have relative content that is going to be fresh and targeted to the clients and customers that you want. A little can go a long way and timing really may be everything when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.

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